Friday, May 25, 2012


Here is the link to my Prezi...enjoy!

Prior to this assignment, I had never been exposed to Prezi. At first I found that Prezi was tough to navigate with all of the movement that could be done on the screen, but once you created your first few slides, it became much easier. I’m sure there is still a lot for me to learn, but I look forward to it!

Upon seeing examples and attending the webinars, I termed Prezi “Power Point on Steroids.” I loved the way it interactively lends itself to various topics and sources of information. A media infused presentation like Prezi can do many things for the students in your classroom because it not only includes words, but also videos, audio, and movement between slides. It is a source of media that will appeal to many students’ learning styles and motivate them to become actively engaged in their learning. When using Prezi with various topics in the classroom, students can make sense of the topic in whatever way they synthesize best, giving them choice in their learning, and allowing them to take responsibility of their own learning. I’m excited to see the creativity that this could include when students are creating their own presentations.

I decided to create my project on the Literary Devices that I teach because it is definitely a lesson of mine that needed a little spice. I feel that the students will really enjoy the movement that Prezi includes, as well as the videos that I included. I feel that it will appeal to many types of learners and synthesizers in my room because it is bright, includes music, and is an overall summary (narrative) that is broken down into parts (taxonomy) throughout. I also included a “Ticket Out the Door” at the end of my presentation as a way for the students to think about what they learned, make connections, and ultimately synthesize.

Digital Media presentations like Prezi allow you to start from scratch, or create a project from an outline. Students, I feel, would enjoy the freedom of the fonts, colors, sizes, movement, and ability to imbed many other files, audio, images, and videos. Synthesis is apparent, due to interdisciplinary work by various means of digital media. I can’t wait to show this type of media to my students next year and allow them to try this instead of, or in addition to, Power Point.

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