Tuesday, May 8, 2012

728 Challenge

I’m Allison Butler and this is my fifth year teaching 6th Grade at John Beck Elementary in Lititz, PA. I’m taking EDIM classes to find better ways to actively engage my students using technology.

Teachers should focus on the whole child by embracing the various intelligences, interests, and experiences that our students bring to our classrooms. Technology does this by providing a variety of activities and communication methods in the classroom, and it gives students the freedom to explore and choose. Challenges with technology include lack of time, equipment, and troubleshooting. We need to adjust our teaching methods to meet the new age of learners that we face each day.

In my room students use computers to research, blog, complete online activities, use Google Docs, create podcasts, online books, and digital stories, as well as “Write Around the Room.” Students have more opportunities in the classroom today because of technology. They have more choices, hands-on experiences, and challenges in this digital world. 

*This was VERY tough for me. I had to cut back a lot of things that I wanted to say, and I'm not sure I met my goal of 728:(

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  1. Hello, Allison! You had a great attempt at 104 characters per question. :) I agree with your philosophy, and students certainly have more choices and hands-on experiences today!