Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Creativity- What kids really think...

I spoke with four of my 6th grade students about their thoughts on creativity. All of them are in my Language Arts class and have experienced working with digital media and a variety of tech programs over the years. All of the students that I spoke to come from supportive families, both parents are educated to some degree, all participate in extra curricular activities, and all of the students are in the high LA and Math groups. Katie, Jason, Lexie, and Lauryn were all very excited to help me for my class and were thrilled about the topic of discussion. 

What is the role of creativity in the classroom?
*Creativity to me is important because without it, kids would not be able to think outside the box. Some kids only have black and white answers, but life is about creativity.
*Creativity in a student's work shows their personality and love for doing something above and beyond the norm.
*Creativity helps kids express themselves in the classroom by writing, projects, and doing any word with the freedom and expression that comes to them. 
*Creativity is important because it allows people to express themselves in the classroom and in life.

How does creativity play a role in your education? What have you done that allows for creativity?
*We use creativity for our education to learn things in various ways. It helps us learn better because it's usually hands on and gives us the freedom to choose. We have used TikaTok, book in a bag, book mobiles, and Imovie to name a few.
*It plays a role by letting students express what they want. It can be love, happiness, or sadness. We have done many things in the classroom like TikaTok, Imovie, Blabberize, and Podcasts.
*Creativity helps me have fun while doing school work or projects. I can think outside the box and be free on what I want to do while still completing the task at hand. We have used various computer tools in class.
*Creativity is huge in the classroom. It gives us the freedom to be us. We have used a lot of fun projects in the classroom like TikaTok, book in a bag, book mobiles, and fractured Fairy Tales.

What do you value currently in your education?
*I really like having Smart Boards and at least some computers. I also value having a freedom of choice when it comes to projects that we complete.
*I really value the freedom our teachers give us on projects. I also value the technology they let us use.
*I value the use of the Smart Boards during lessons and the lap tops during certain activities. I enjoy using them because they help me learn.
*I value the Smart Boards and technology that is offered to us. I hope it continues to increase! 

What would you change about your learning environment when it comes to digital media and technology supporting creativity?
*I would like to change the amount of computers that we have. I am thankful we have them but when you have 30 kids in a class, 15 computers aren't enough. I would love to have a 1:1 ratio, and instead of having only paper back books, I'd love to be able to have Kindles. I'm glad Warwick is using BYOD though.
*I would like to change where we learn. I don't like being in my seat all the time, I wish we could go outdoors. I also think we should have more technology so more kids can work on them at the same time!
*I think we should have more computer classes and more lap tops per grade level. We could use them for various tools and we could even type up all our papers in writing.
*I would love for everyone to be able to have their own computer, more time to go outside for some activities, and classes to include more activities like blogging and creating online projects since that is what our life is made of outside of school.  

After talking to my students, not only does creativity help to enhance variety in the classroom, but I feel as though it allows students to show who they really are. In a sense, it gives them ownership for their learning and puts them in a place to expand and challenge themselves. I always try to foster a community of learners in my classroom and encourage them to take chances and rise to the occasion. I always tell them that it's okay to follow the guidelines, but would love them to kick it up a notch and show me who they really are! Technology and digital media do just that!

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